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I'm Daniela

Nice to have you around!

About me

I am @Dachinevi with more than 9 years of experience in the digital world, with advertising and design agencies in Venezuela and the United States.

I have worked for brands such as Smirnoff Venezuela, Safeway, Royal Caribbean, NFL teams, The Washington Football Team and The Baltimore Ravens, newspapers, The Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Washington Informer among other brands in the United States.

I have extensive experience in various types of businesses, from creative consulting, brand launches, assembly and organization of graphic elements in physical stores. I know exactly how a brand should be composed from a creative and functional point of view and it fills me with emotion to be able to share my knowledge and help those who need it.


I adore chocolate with madness, I have an obsession for productivity, graphic design, color, talking, telling stories and teaching, I really enjoy talking but I am an introvert at heart, I love hot climates and the beach.

When I'm not teaching, or creating you can find me in the gym lifting weights, at home looking for an interesting documentary on Netflix or reading.

I started my creative agency @TheSharpSheep because I met too many passionate entrepreneurs along the way with incredible ideas but who had no idea how to show their projects from a creative point of view, and clearly destiny put us in the right place, I have dedicated to being the fairy godmother of creativity for numerous companies!

I have helped a large number of entrepreneurs with small and large value propositions to make sense of their visual / creative image, they have managed to catapult their businesses / personal brands and at the same time have generated income!

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